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"Star Gazer"

The "Star Gazer" model manufactured by QCA Spas is our #1 best selling hot tub for rental cabins in the Gatlinburg, TN area. 


This tub is very guest friendly, complete with moulded-in headrests within the tub's shell, and a single air flow control handle. You won't have the problems of guests and thier children removing the headrest pillows turning various knobs that control air and water flow causing issues with the hot tub.


This tub comes standard with a factory installed Ozonator, LED Color changing light, Hard foam core cover, and a user friendly digital display keypad that is very easy to operate and allow everyone to turn on or off the jets, turn the tempature up and down with no access to programing issues that can cause costly service calls to your cabin due to the hot tub being in sleep, or economy modes. 


This tub can accomodate 4-5 people and provide a hydro massage as they gaze at the stars! You will love the indigo blue colored Lucite shell, the 2 tone graphic gray jets and redwood PVC maintenance free cabinet. Control the hi-flow, 2 speed pump from the electronic controls to give you a light or more invigorating massage. The innovative heat recovery system built into every Dream spa helps reduce heating costs and save energy.


Please contact us Today for more information regarding our #1 selling spa! 865.304.4907

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